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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The "The Rather Unusual Traveling Art Gallery" Story

It was an ordinary day.  Sitting in the Bullfrog Brewery & Restaurant with my wife and friends Jerry and Just Sue waiting for our meals to arrive.  We had been driving around downtown Williamsport hunting for the Transportation Museum when we came upon the Bullfrog and thought it would be a good time to have our lunch.  While sitting at the table Carol mentioned that she and I saw a sign on the building next door that it was the museum we had been hunting for.  I told them I would take a quick look while they waited for our food.  As soon as I left the restaurant I turned right toward where we had seen the sign, and was met with one of the most unusual pieces of transportation I had ever seen.  
Old Chevrolet school bus with a
VW Bus welded on top of it.  
Naturally thought it was part of the musuem until I stuck my head inside the vehicle and asked the fellow inside about it.  It was at that moment that I met Leroy who was the extremely proud owner of the dual bus; a1959 Chevrolet School Bus and a 1963 VW Bus welded atop the '59 Chevy.  Yep, a 1959 school bus with a 1963 VW bus sitting atop it.  Never have seen anything like it.  Talked for a few minutes and told him I would return as soon as I finished by meal inside the Bullfrog.  Headed back to my table in the restaurant with the news of my discovery; telling everyone that the sign was part of a painted display on the building next to the Bullfrog as well as my discovery of the unique means of transportation sitting next to the restaurant.  After our forgettable meal, we headed outside where I once again met Leroy as well as his wife who was busy repainting a section of the bus.  
Leroy's wife doing some touchup to
the outside of her movable home.
He invited me inside where I found that he had made the interior into an art gallery for the day and was welcoming guests to view the paintings that his wife had done.  He told me about the bus that had a kitchen with stove and fridge, a small bathroom and a bed that hung from the top of the front part of the Chevy that had a hole cut into the roof where the VW Bus was located on the top.  Naturally the VW had been gutted and the floor of the vehicle had been removed.  Hanging from the ceiling of the Chevy was a panel that could be lowered for sleeping or as a table.  Very unique to say the least.  He had done all the transformation work and his wife had painted all the painting which graced the inside of the bus.  I had the chance to also meet his two children when I walked up the few steps into the bus.  Little one was having something to eat while his older daughter asked if she could try my camera.  Took it from in front of my face and asked her to take my photo.  
Another view of the movable art gallery disguised as a bus.
She had a great time taking a few photos while I looked around the inside of her movable home.  Leroy told me they are traveling around the United States trying to sell his wife's work.  Have been doing so for the past two years.  They were in the parking lot today since his wife has a few of her photos hanging inside the Bullfrog, trying to sell them.  I asked for my camera back and after snapping a few of my own, I exited the bus to return to my companions.  We took one more look at the unique bus and headed back to the car to once again try and find the museum.  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an oridnary guy. 

Leroy's two young children who travel with their parents around the United States.
Leroy shows me his wife's artwork which is part of the art gallery for the day.  He is standing in his kitchen while the door to the rear is the lavatory.  Above him is a bed/table that is lowered to eat and sleep.  Very unique vehicle that I could not inhabit.  It takes a special family to accomplish what Leroy and his family are doing.  I wished the best of luck on his adventure.

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