Extraordinary Stories

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The "A Day In Chestertown, Maryland: Part I" Story

The fountain in the park at Chestertown, MD
It was an ordinary day.  Slightly overcast with tempera- tures in the high 70's.  Perfect day for a drive.  So, Carol and I chose to head toward the Chesapeake Bay area once again for a visit to Chestertown, MD.  We hadn't been to this historic town for about a year, since it is close to a two hour drive and just to drive that far for lunch seems at times to be too much.  We decided to leave early enough so we could visit their farmer's market which is held every Saturday during the summer at the Fountain Park.  
Tree quilting along High Street.
Found a parking place about a block from the park and headed toward the fountain.  The park was filled with a variety of dogs and their owners.  Stands of produce, crafts, jewelry, soaps, and ..... well, just about everything lined all the walks in the park.  Even had a stand where you could adopt a kitten or cat.  Had planned to buy some "Sweetie corn" but didn't find any.  About 20 years ago we used to vacation near Chestertown and found a variety of corn called "Sweetie" that we just loved.  Thought I could buy some today, but that didn't work out.  Stopped in a few downtown stores then made our way to our favorite shop called "Twigs and Teacups."  The same gentle woman has run this shop since we started to visit the town.  
Twigs & Teacups on Cross Street.
The store has the most unusual types of items from clothing to ceramics to toys to books on every unusual subject you can imagine.  Time for lunch so we headed towards The Blue Heron to check out their menu.  Found the restaurant only open for evening meals, so we headed towards the waterfront to see what offerings we could find there.  Chestertown lies on the Chester River and served as Kent County's (Maryland) seat of government since 1706.  It was supposed to have had it's own Revolutionary Tea Party in 1774 and was the hub of a thriving agricultural and seafood area for years.  We walked down High Street and after reaching the boardwalk saw a restaurant off to our right.  
Inside Twigs & Teacups.
Used to be called the Old Wharf, but now has been renamed the Fish Whistle.  What attracted us to it was the large deck at the rear of the restaurant which overlooked the river.  

Saw a corner table opening and hustled over to the restaurant.  Took our seats along the railing and enjoyed a meal of crab soup, crab cakes and smoked bacon wrapped scallops.  
The Fish Whistle Restaurant on the Chester River.
But, the dessert was the star of the meal.  Two large chocolate-chip cookies, coated on one side with a layer of chocolate with a layer of chocolate ice cream in the middle.  The cookie sandwich was cut in half and placed on either side of a dip of vanilla ice cream.  Ate it all before I thought of taking a photo of it.  After lunch we decided to take a walk along the waterfront and admire the beautiful architecture, most from the early to mid 1700's.  Tomorrow I will give you a visual as well as written tour of the water front of one of the most prominent towns along the Chesapeake Bay during the Revolutionary era.  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy. 

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