Extraordinary Stories

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The "Catchin' Up With An Old Friend" Story

It was an ordinary day.  Going through the local section of the newspaper and finally came to the weddings, engagements and anniversaries.  Searched the names to see if I might have had any of the newly married people in class years ago then came upon the column marked "Anniversaries."  First couple shown had photos from now and when they were married.  Looked at the photo taken recently then zeroed in on the old-time photo.  Guy was in his military uniform with his bride next to him.  I looked and looked at the photo for the longest time.  Then it struck me!  I know that guy!!  Right under the photo stated …. Greenwood 50th.  Wow!  Carol was sitting right across from me and I said to her, "The guy that I used to get in trouble with is celebrating his 50th anniversary.  Unbelievable."  Dave Greenwood lived a block from my childhood home on Queen Street.  Dave was one of the neighborhood guys that used to play baseball with me.  He was a year older and more …. well, more street smart, than me.  Behind my home on North Queen was a large building that was filled with printing presses.  On the other side of the building was a large parking lot that opened onto North Christian Street.  On the other side of that street was another loose stone lot for more parking.  As soon as the weather broke in the spring, we would walk the small walkway from my back yard to the parking lot, tape a strike zone on the wall of the printing company and play baseball.  For hours and hours, every day!  Most of the time it was my brother Steve, Dave, another neighbor named Kenny and myself.  Divide into teams with one pitcher and one fielder.  Used a rubber ball or tennis ball so we wouldn't break anything if it would hit a passing car driving on Christian Street.  Well, one day a police cruiser stopped and the officer got out.  It was only Dave and me playing that particular day.  He told us that the printing company was complaining that we were breaking their windows.  We looked around and did see quite a few windows broken.  We naturally denied the accusation, but he loaded us in the patrol car to drive us home so he could talk to our parents.  Dave lived on nearby Liberty Street and that was the first stop.  I sat in the car while he took Dave in to talk to his mother and grandfather.  Then it was my turn for the same treatment.  My mom was shocked when she opened the door and saw me with a policeman.  She explained to the officer that there was no way I would break windows.  To this day we both claim to be innocent of any wrongdoing.  Well, after reading the story about Dave and his wife Fran's anniversary, I though it was time to give him a call.  After all I hadn't spoken to him in over 50 years.  Found his number in the phone book and after a nice chat about the good ole times and the ride home in the cruiser, we agreed that we needed to get together sometime for some more conversation.  And, let me tell you, there is plenty of other things to talk about from the good old days.  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy.   

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