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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The "A Neat Addition For Your Smartphone's Camera: The Device & Samples" Story

It was an ordinary day.  Just opened the package that was left at the rear door a few minutes ago.  It was about two weeks ago that my friend Sue, who lives in State College, PA sent me an email telling me to open the link she shared to my Facebook Page.  Link was to a product the I knew I just had to have as soon as I read about it.  A company by the name of Lux HD450 had just released a super-premium line of auxiliary Smartphone lenses that bring professional image quality to today's Smartphone cameras.  The set of three lenses included a Macro, Wide Angle and Fisheye as well as a 3-in-one universal clip lens.  Checked out Amazon and found something very similar known as LIEQI.  Price really surprised me when I saw it; kit sold for $9.99.  
Snaps over the camera of the Smartphone.
Clicked order and within a few days I had my Smartphone lenses.  Guess I should tell you that I only got my iPhone half-a-year ago and it is my very first Smart- phone.  I just managed to learn how to use the features it offers and now I have something new to add to it.  I have been using my Sony DSLR for just about all my photographs I take, but after seeing my initial results, I may have to plan to take some with my Smartphone.  
I took this photo of my rear deck with my phone in the Pano mode.
Some comments for you about the kit I just received after giving it a try for a couple of days: (1) The fisheye lens doesn't give me the same result as my fisheye lens I used to have before I loss it on one of the Caribbean islands we visited.  I tried the square mode, but the circular effect I got with my old lens made it look more like the traditional fisheye.  
This is from the same spot with the camera in Photo mode.
(2) The wide angle gives a more distorted look than a DSLR wide angle lens, but most people won't notice.  I actually like the panoramic feature on the Smartphone just as much as the wide angle. (3) The macro lens is the one lens that is amazing.  It gives results that look as if they were taken with an expensive DSLR macro lens.  
This is with the new wide angle lens attached to the phone.
I'm not too impressed with what that lens can accomplish.
Took me quite a few tries before I partially mastered how close you must be to get results that are perfectly focused.  The results I got with my DSLR with my zoom/ close-up lens were decent, but not as detailed as the LIEQI macro.  And, the neat feature with the LIEQI is that if can be used on the Apple, Android or virtually any other Smartphone.  The bracket that comes with the lenses is easy to clip to the phone and I found that it was easy to line up with the lens on the phone.  I have included some samples that you can judge for yourself.  I plan to continue to use at least the macro for my photos I take.  Definitely worth the money it cost.  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy.  PS - Tomorrow I will take you on a photo shoot showing you before and after shots using my new Macro lens.

This photo and the one below were taken with the Fish-Eye lens.  Again, just Okay, but not real spectacular.
This was with the Macro lens.  It is remarkable!  You must move very close to the object since you can't zoom anything, but the results are very nice.  The following four photos are more examples of the lens.

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