Extraordinary Stories

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

The "The Journey Continues!" Story

It was an ordinary day.  Posting another story to "Extraordinary Stories From An Ordinary Guy."  Somedays, after feeding Creamsicle the cat and eating breakfast, I manage to post my daily story before I head out the door to one of my few part-time jobs, but at times my mind is on something else and I don't post it until I get home around noon.  Then there are the days when I sit down with my laptop after supper and forget I haven't posted anything at all that day and quickly add a story.  And, every so often I don't post at all.  Those days are usually when I don't have access to the internet, may be on vacation or visiting with friends or perhaps sick with one illness or another.  Hasn't happened often, since I have missed posting a story only 23 times in the past seven years!  I don't always write a story each day, but find time some days to write a few stories and keep them in queue until I may need them for a day when I can't find time to write.  The majority of my stories are typed on either my MacBook Air laptop or my desktop MacIntosh.  Even after seven years it is still fun to click on the icon on my desk that takes me to my blog so I can either type a story, post a story or get into Blogspot and check on my blog overview which lists "Stats", "Traffic sources", "Audience" and a few other blog background menus.  Under "Stats" I can see how many pageviews the blog had today, yesterday, last week and all time.  Some days I get as few as perhaps 80 to 90 while other days it may be in the thousands.  Under "Traffic Sources" I can see referring URLS (Uniform Resource Locator or a reference, or address, to a resource on the Internet) which are how people found the blog such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.  Under "Audience" I can see how many pageviews I have had for the day, month, year or all-time by looking at a map of the earth with those areas where I might have a reader highlighted in green; the more people, the darker the green.
There is also a graph showing me pageviews for the day, week, etc. that lists the top 10 countries with how many accessed the blog and from where in the world they live.  I am amazed at countries that have been listed from time to time; the usual such as United States, France, Russia and China are listed often, but then there are others such as Ukraine, Mauritius, Guatemala, South Korea, Jamaica, Macedonia, Pakistan, Singapore, Kenya, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Antiqua and Barbuda, St. Martin, Sint Maarten, Australia and even Kazakhstan. The last few areas I access show me layout, templates I can use, settings and earnings.  At one time you may remember I added ads to my blog.  I was told that for every time someone clicked on an ad I would receive a certain amount of money.  Well, after over a half-year of having ads, I had accumulated a total of close to $25 in earnings.  Wasn't worth all the hassle I had to do to keep the ads in place so I removed them from the blog.  As I start another year I hope to be able to continue writing and sharing my life's stories in order to document my life's history as well as to continue what has become a hobby.  And, I'm having the best time sharing with everyone!  Thanks for tuning in! It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy.

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