Extraordinary Stories

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Monday, March 13, 2017

The "I Just Want To Live Happily Ever After ... Now And Then" Story

Foreword:  Have a few tales to tell that are sort of interesting and sort of very short, so I thought I'd have them share a day in the life of an ordinary guy.  For those that haven't been reading my alliterative nonsense for the past 7+ years, my first story will give you the reason why I begin each post with the same sentence.  The other two stories are just some nonsense that I thought I'd share. 

Stuart Woods
Story #1.  It was an ordinary day.Story #1.  Time once again to rehash the reason for my beginning my stories with the same sentence as I have for over 2,700 times.  Doesn't seem like I have written that many stories, but it's true.  My blog began after viewing the movie "Julie and Julia" which was about a young girl who loved cooking and decided to write a daily blog using Julia Child's cookbook as her inspiration.  As for me, I decided to write a blog for something to do as well as to document my life's experiences so Ancestor.com had my history for those that want to know about my life's experiences.  Well, the blog began at a time when I had been reading Stuart Woods novels.  He began every book with ... Elaine's late!  Always thought that was interesting.  
Elaine's in New York
Elaine was an actual person who ran a restaurant in New York on the Upper East Side and who, evidently, was late from time to time to converse with her patrons.  The real Elaine died in 2011 and if I remember correctly, Stuart ceased from using that tag line anymore.  Since I enjoyed Mr. Woods' method of introducing his readers to his latest novel, I picked out ... "It was an ordinary day" as my introduction to my stories.  I spend web time viewing a travel site where one person recently posted: At various times, I have come across a blog where every entry starts with "It was a typical day,". Very interesting. Unfortunately, I can't find it. If you are familiar with this blog, would you please post the URL for the blog? Thanks ...   Well the next person posting gave the poster the link to my blog since they evidently read the stories.  So you see, my tagline helped me gain a reader.   

Wayne Carini in one of his automobiles
Story #2:  It was an ordinary day.  Waiting in the Miami airport for a connecting flight to some exotic island in the Caribbean when I needed to take a walk and stretch my legs.  Slowly walked past other people reading or dozing and as I passed this one fellow I slowed and finally stopped.  I knew the face who was buried in the USA Today newspaper, but couldn't place it.  Then it struck me ... Wayne Carini, who happens to be the star of "Chasing Classic Cars" on the television Speed Channel.  I said, "Wayne, I love your show."  He slowly put the paper down and smiled.  I knew right away it was him, but he quietly said, "You must have the wrong person," and continued reading his newspaper.  To this day I know it was Wayne Carini, an absolute legend in the car industry.  I watch his show all the time and just know it was him, but I realize that he gets that all the time and it probably gets old being a TV star and having people stop and want to say "Hi" all the time. 

Story #3:  It was an ordinary day.  Finishing typing a story for my blog about a woman who had been born on Valentine's Day and happened to die on Valentine's Day.  What are the chances of that happening?  I read years ago that some people believe that if you are born and die on the same day, it is a gift from God.  It tells the whole world that God was pleased with the efforts of this person.  Do you believe that being born and dying on the same day has anything to do with God or religion?  I'm not sure what I believe in this instance.  In the case of the woman I was writing about, she died on Valentine's Day which is a pagan holiday, so how can that be a gift from God?  

Story #4:  It was an ordinary day.  My brother had just emailed me a note telling me to take a look at the drink menu that he had sent to me.  Seems the place had a mixed drink called a "Little Larry" that was a Mini-Classic Frozen Margarita topped with Grand Marnier.  He thought I just had to have one the next time I visited the place.  Didn't sound good to me plus I had no idea what the name of the place may be and neither did my brother.  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy.

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