Extraordinary Stories

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Friday, April 28, 2017

The "So What Are The Chances Of This Happening?: Part I - The Meeting" Story

Foreword: I recently posted several stories in which I took you with me on my journey through prostate cancer.  I hope the stories may at some time in the future lend a hand to another person who will face the same as I did.  What I never published before was the fact that about three weeks after I found I had prostate cancer, my wife found she had breast cancer.  We renewed our life-long bond as we began our journeys to be cancer free ... together.  Today, Carol is having her lumpectomy which I will write about in the near future.  Today's story will give you a look into a remarkable friendship that she, as well as myself, have developed with another couple that until our illnesses struck, we never knew.  Follow with me and see if you agree it was ... well, meant to be!

It was an ordinary day.  Sitting in the waiting room at Lancaster General Hospital talking with Ronnie, my new friend.  I had never met Ronnie until I found him looking at me in the waiting room a few minutes ago.  Story goes like this ... Carol was told by her surgeon that she should buy a sports bra to help her with maximum support after her surgery.  A few weeks ago she headed to the local mall to do her shopping.  She entered one of the anchor stores and found the bra section.  After looking at a few samples she walked to the other end of the department to see if they had other choices.  Not finding any, she walked back to the original counter to buy one.  There stood a petite woman a few years older than Carol, holding up two sports bras.  She mentioned to Carol that she was searching for a sports bra.  Carol told her she was also.  Then she said she needed one since she was going to have breast surgery.  "That's why I'm looking also," Carol told her.  "I'm having my surgery on April 5th," the woman mentioned.  "Me too.  My surgery is scheduled for 1:00 PM," Carol said.  The woman looked astonished as she said, "My surgery is at 2:00 PM and my surgeon is Dr. Beyer."  Carol told me she was getting freaked out, but said, "He's my surgeon too."  What are the chances of all this happening?  They talked a bit more and Carol sensed that her new friend was very anxious so they talked about the surgery and what they could expect.  She found out her new friend's name was Mary.  They agreed that they should exchange names and phone numbers so they could support each other through their journey with breast cancer.  As Mary reached into her pocketbook for paper to exchange information, she pulled out a circular piece that already had her name and phone number on it.  "I have no idea why this paper is in here."  Looking at Carol she said, "This meeting was meant to be!"  After a few tears and a big hug, Mary told Carol she must go, since her husband was waiting in the parking lot for her.  Carol said I would have come with her, but I just had prostate surgery and wasn't up to the trip.  Mary said, "My husband also had prostate cancer a few years ago. His doctor was Dr. Seiber."  Wow, now it's really getting creepy as Carol told her, "That's who just did my husband's surgery."  Mary told Carol that she is Catholic and after crossing herself told her she would say a prayer for Carol.  Carol said, "I'm Episcopalian, which is pretty close, and I'll say a prayer for you, also."  Well, today as I sat in the waiting room, I tried to figure out how I could find Mary's husband, Ronnie.  Follow along tomorrow for more amazing circumstances.  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy.

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