Extraordinary Stories

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The "And ... Another Story To Tell" Story

It was an ordinary day.  Shuffling through the many sheets of paper I have accumulated over the past couple of years that all have ideas for stories which I had planned to write at one time or another.  Some will make their way into the trash can under my desk while others I will think about and perhaps write something about if I feel it is extraordinary enough.  So what is a story?  What do the stories that I write mean to you?  Are they just entertainment or maybe something to read in a moment when you happen to have time to kill?  Will you get a chuckle out of my story or maybe some information that you may not have known?  Seems most humans love to tell stories, me being one of those humans.  I know that all my stories aren't extraordinary, but to someone out there reading, they just might be.  Maybe my family related stories will feel as if they may have happened to you at one time or another and you can think back to that moment in history and see if my outcome was the same as you may have experienced.  Some stories may have an underlying theme to them to get you to think a bit more than you may have anticipated before you clicked the link to my blog and began reading.  We as humans all have stories to tell.  It dates back to the times our ancestors sat around glowing fires, sharing tales.  Some of my past stories may have stuck with you for a day or two or maybe you still remember a story or two I wrote in the past.  And perhaps one of my stories will shed light when the road ahead seems bleak.  Do you remember a story that a favorite teacher or favorite relative might have told in the past?  My stories, as well as your stories, are an extension of one's self and come in every size, shape or maybe length and can reflect on human struggles as well as happiness.  When I begin a story I try to imagine what it may look or sound like when I finish it.  Will it make you feel alive or might you want to relive it with me.  And, even though you may not reflect on my stories years down the road, just maybe my story's quiet presence will reign deep in your memory and cast out life's darkness.  I write this story today, since last evening the graduating class of Manheim Township High School in Neffsville, Pennsylvania, where I was once a student as well as a  teacher for 33 years, listened to three seniors speak about "Stories You Tell, Stories You Hear and Stories You Live," and after reading and hearing some of what was said, I felt that my extraordinary stories I have been telling for the last eight years fall into all three of the categories spoken about last evening. I'm sure everyone of you reading this has a story to tell that others may find interesting, helpful, mysterious or just plain funny.  And, I thank you for taking time to read my stories on a daily basis.  They are, after all, stories I have heard, stories I have lived as well as stories I have told in the past; and therefore, what is life but stories?  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy.

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