Extraordinary Stories

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Monday, July 10, 2017

The "The Heaven's Were Crying" Story

July 7th and the skies have opened to drench the place on earth I call home.  Why, because I just lost one of my best friends.  Our truly amazing tabby cat, Creamsicle, is now at peace.  For many of my readers, I'm sure you can't imagine how a cat can be your best friend.  Well, that's because you never knew Creamsicle.  The orange and white cat came flying through the back door about six years ago one winter night when the snow was blowing and accumulating on the back deck of our house.  I opened the door to brush the two-foot snowdrift away from the door and was amazed to see this streak of orange and white fur jump the snowdrift and land in the kitchen.  
Watching out the door.
The scared guy took off into the living room and headed down our open stairwell to the lower level.  I looked down the stairs and saw him huddled in the corner under a table.  Took a glass bowl of food down the steps and placed it in the middle of the room and came back up the steps.  Wasn't long before he had eaten the food and was back up the steps.  
Creamsicle telling me something.
He was still frightened and headed for the back door once again where I had cleared the snow.  We placed food out for him for the next few days and it wasn't long before he stepped into the open door of the house, walked to the chair where Carol was sitting and planted himself on her lap.  He had found the home he had searched for during heaven knows how long.  Carol asked what we should call him and I said, "Isn't it obvious?  An orange and white cat?  Naturally "Creamsicle," one of my favorite after meal treats.  Over our married life we have had numerous pets including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, white mice, hamsters and a chinchilla.  Naturally, many of these were pets of our children, but were part of the family at one time.  
He could sit on your lap for hours.
After our children were all out of the house we had a variety of cats which we had selected.  Then, this one guy bursts through the door and finds a home with us.  He selected us!  He must have been the pet of someone else at some point, since he wasn't feral and had been neutered.  Can't imagine anyone setting an animal loose to fend for them self, especially in the cold, northern states winter months.  He fit right in, talking constantly to us as if he wanted to be part of the conversation.  We showed him where we kept the kitty litter pan and had no trouble.  He laid in bed with us until we fell asleep in the evening and made sure he was back in bed when dawn broke in the morning.  He was a pure and simple "lap cat."  
He  loved to be with us.
Loved to be petted, brushed and talked to while in your lap.  He was part of my staff during my daily jaunts in my office to type these daily stories.  Even might have added an unwanted letter or two along the way as he swiped at my hands as I was typing.  His only fault was that he sat by the back door and wanted out constantly.  We were afraid to oblige, fearing he might run off.  He became depressed so we took him to the vet who asked if he were an outdoor cat at one time.  Well, the vet said he needed to be outside from time to time.  
Favorite spot under the Christmas tree.
That's all that was wrong with him.  He would tell us when he needed to be out and then reappeared to be ushered back in once again.  About a year ago, after a visit to the vet for a check-up, we were told his kidneys weren't functioned as best they should.  Medicine seemed to help with that.  He helped nurse me through three back surgeries, kidney problems and cancer and nursed Carol through appendicitis, gall bladder surgery and cancer.  He was by our side at all times telling us it would be OK!  Then a month or so ago he suffered a slight stroke.  As I was coming down our stairs he arose from his laying position and fell over.  His eyes show fright, but he eventually maintained his balance.  We had him checked and nothing was found.  
I'll miss my best friend Creamsicle.  R.I.P.
Then about a week ago it happened again ... and again.  Every other day he was having trouble rising without falling over.  We could see the fright in his eyes.  Then about a week ago he became distant when we looked at him, as if he didn't know where he was or who we might be.  What really told us something was wrong was the fact he didn't talk to us anymore.  July 7th was the first time we ever saw our vet cry.  She became so attached to him; just as we had.  She suffered with us as we watched Creamsicle take his last breath.  After listening to his heart she said, "He's at peace now."  It's been a few days now and we still look for him at the back door.  We wonder why we don't hear him downstairs in the morning, calling for us to give him his morning meal.  All is quiet.  We fear we will never find another friend like Creamsicle.  He truly was one of a kind.  And, I have run out of tissues by now so I will end my story.  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy.


  1. Larry - his left ear is clipped at the top. That indicates he was feral and captured, neutered and then released. That is a big program here and often done for barn cats. My best to you and your wife - sorry for your loss. Pets are family!

  2. I empathize w/ you...