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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The "Seven Decades of Memories" Story

It was an ordinary day.  Not just any ordinary day, but a day when I celebrated seven decades of memories.  Tough to believe that I've been around that long, but you know what they say .... "Time flies."  Over those seven decades I've had many memories, both happy and sad.  Many of those memories have been recorded in my blog over the last five years.  Hard to believe that I have been sharing my ordinary days with you for five years now.  And, even harder for me to believe is that you have been reading about them.  Thanks!  Thought I would give you an idea of the highlights, as I remember them, of my seven decades.  I'm sure I missed many of the highlights, but most of the important memories I have recalled as I typed this story.  So here goes ...... seven decades of ...... well, life!

  • My earliest recollection in life is of moving to 929 North Queen Street in Lancaster, PA with my mom and dad.  This was probably in the mid 1940s when I was 3 or 4 years old .
  • 1949 - got a really neat red tricycle that had big rear wheels. Envy of all the neighborhood. 
  • I can remember standing in line in elementary school to get a polio shot.  Pretty traumatic event for just about everyone in my elementary school class.  I'm not sure I remember what year it was.
  • I can remember our family's console black and white television and watching Covered Wagon Theatre every Saturday morning after the test pattern and National Anthem were completed.
  • 1952 - playing on the playground in 3rd grade and cut my head open on the jungle gym.  My mother took me to our family doctor and he stapled my head shut.  Still have the scar.  Also joined the St. James Church Boy's Choir the same year.
  • 1956 - began playing organized baseball at the age of 12.  Played 1st base for the Schick Midget-Midget Team. The following year I played for the Young Republican Jr. Midget Team and was lucky enough to part of a team that won the PA State Title for that age bracket.  Was still a 1st baseman.
  • 1956 - my mom made me join a dance club in 6th grade so I would lose my shyness and socialize with the opposite sex.  Ended up having a crush on a neighbor girl.
  • 1956 - my grandpap (grandfather) bought me 8 guinea pigs at a country farmer's market.  Ended up raising them for three years and had close to 100 at one time.  Was able to buy my first car with the money I made from the sale of the young pigs.
  • I can remember riding the school bus for the first time when I entered Junior High School.
  • 1958 - Played Freshman football.  Weighed 140 pounds at the time.  My good friend Jerry was the center and I was the quarterback.  That venture lasted one year.
  • 1960 - Turned 16 and bought a 1953 Henry J coupe.  Gas at the time was $.31 a gallon.  Also began a job at the Acme Supermarket as a cashier and stock boy.  Kept that job for over 4 years and was making $2.17 an hour at the union job when I quick.
  • 1961 - my Henry J was struck by a drunk driver while it sat in front of our house on Queen St.  Just about collapsed the car since there was a tree on the side opposite where the car was struck.  I used a device to force the car apart and was able to drive it.  Only problem was all the windows were gone.  Parked near the Acme and a policeman saw the car and made me take it off the road.  
  • Graduated from High School in 1962 and entered Millersville State Teacher's College.  Semester costs were $144 with books costing approximately $50.  Paid my own way with my Acme job.
  • Can remember the '63 JFK assassination, '64 Beatles arrival, '64 Cassius Clay winning the heavyweight crown, '65 sending troops to Vietnam.
  • 1964 - began a job at Fairview Avenue Rentals where I was responsible for the upkeep of the equipment that was rented. 
  • 1966- took my first teaching job as an Industrial Arts teacher at York Eastern School District.  Worked on a temporary certificate since I had not graduated from college at the time.  During this year my dad set up a date for me with a young girl named Carol whose mom worked with him.
  • 1967 - got married to Carol Ann Baker.  Best day of my life!  Oh yeah, I also graduated from Millersville.
  • 1971 - son Derek was born March 28.
  • 1972 - the high school rifle team I coached won the PA state championship.  Only team championship in the school's history until 2013 when the golf team won it.
  • 1974 - daughter Brynn was born on July 4.
  • 1976 - son Paul Thadeus was born on April 9.
  • 1977 - Elvis was found dead of overdose.  One of my favorites. Was at the shore with my family at the time.
  • 1983 - stood in long line at Service Merhandise to get a Cabbage Patch Doll for Brynn for Christmas.
  • 1989 - son Derek got to pitch in the PIAA State playoffs and ended up with a full scholarship to play baseball and attend Villanova University.
  • 1992 - Brynn entered Millersville University to study education.
  • 1994 - son Paul entered Antonelli's School of Photography near Philadelphia, PA to study photography.
  • Luckily they all graduated and had no bills!  I wonder how parents can pay for college for their children with today's college prices.  I lived at just the right time!
  • 1999 - retired from teaching and opened Woods Printing Services in order to continue printing the in-school documents at the school where I retired.  Also began working for a former student at Grebinger Gallery and Frame Shop in Neffsville, PA.
  • 1998 - daughter Brynn married Dave and moved to Maryland.
  • 2002 - granddaughter Courtney arrived. (Brynn and Dave)
  • 2003 - son Derek married Barb
  • 2005 - granddaughter Camille arrived. (Brynn and Dave)
  • 2006 - grandson Caden arrived. (Derek and Barb)
  • 2009 -Extraordinary Stories From An Ordinary Guy began.
Well, have you had enough yet?  I pretty much took you through almost seven decades of my life.  The majority of events from 2009 forward I have documented in stories I have posted on my blog.  After reading today's story I hope you can see that the life of an ordinary guy can be pretty memorable. Could have filled in much more since my memory still is working, but I think I have listed enough.  My lifeline will hopefully give my future family members a look into the life of LDub, an ordinary guy.  It was another extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary guy.

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